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See the dirt our cleaning pad picks up. Clean versus dirty side of the carpet cleaning pad.

About Us

The Happy Feet Difference

Innovating Cleaner Carpets

Randy’s Scientific Prowess

Meet Randy Rayborn, the brilliant mind behind our unique, plant-based cleaning solution. Randy, a seasoned scientist, is the driving force behind Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning’s ability to revitalize carpets to a state even better than when they were new.

The Origin of Excellence

In 1985, within a cutting-edge laboratory in Atlanta, Randy crafted the molecule responsible for making Spandex efficiently wick away sweat from athletes’ bodies. Drawing from his expertise, he formulated our state-of-the-art cleaning solution using natural oils and alcohols with revolutionary properties.

Better Than Steam Cleaning

While many may opt for steam cleaning, our method offers several advantages for you.

Beyond Clean: Lasting Results

Our cleaning formula goes beyond the surface, providing a deep clean that not only refreshes the top layer of your carpet but also prevents dirt wicking up from the carpet backing. This key distinction sets us apart from the competition and gives you cleaner carpets than steam cleaning.

Extended Cleanliness

From conventional cleaning services, you might get two or three months of clean carpet. With Happy Feet, you get a service that delivers about a year’s worth of cleanliness. Randy’s innovative formula ensures that your carpets stay cleaner for an extended period, saving you time and money.

Preserves Fiber Integrity

Our process ensures that your carpet fibers remain intact, avoiding potential damage caused by the high temperatures associated with hot water extraction.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning’s friction method is not only effective but also environmentally friendly, using a plant-based solution that is gentle on your carpets and the planet and safe for your family and pets.

Choose Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning for a deeper, longer-lasting clean that goes beyond the surface. Choose Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning to keep your carpets so clean that it makes your feet happy!  Your feet will thank you.

happy child laying on clean carpet because our unique carpet cleaning solution is made from natural ingredients and is safe for family and pets

Only The Best For Your Family

Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning

Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning services Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas such as Waxhaw, Monroe, Mint Hill, Pineville, Huntersville, Concord, and locations in South Carolina like Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lancaster, and Indian Land.

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